We professionally train Guide Dogs and Autism Support Dogs for citizens of British Columbia and Alberta.


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There are no positions available in B.C. or Alberta at this time. Please check back regularly for updates.

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Puppy Training

Will you help me become a Guide Dog or Autism Support Dog? New litters coming this spring need loving homes!

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What Recipients Say

Sawyer, Ryker & Autism Support Dog Roman

Roman joined our family this summer and our lives have been forever changed. I could explain in detail how Roman makes us feel, but instead I’ll share words from our family over the past weeks... “I don’t feel sad and angry anymore, how does Roman make it so I’m not sad and angry?”, “Roman, you’re my bestest friend ever”, “I’m glad Roman keeps me safe because you know what? I don’t know why I run away I can’t help it”, “I love him so much”,. “I feel like I can breathe for the first time in years”, “I never knew he could change things this much and I could love a dog this much”, “How is thank you to everybody involved in bringing Roman into our lives ever enough?”. “This is Roman, he’s our Autism Support Dog, me and my brother have autism and he helps make us safe”. “You know what Roman does? He makes my heart happy”.

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Melissa and Guide Dog Telus

It’s truly amazing how fast ten years pass. It’s also incredible how much life and learning can be packed into that decade. When I was thirteen, I received my first guide dog from BC and Alberta Guide Dogs, I am now twenty-three. Now I have received my second dog, Telus. Telus is a fresh burst of energy. He’s eager to work and go new places, and most importantly, he walks fast. There’s a particular road in my neighbourhood with many poles inconveniently placed down the middle of the sidewalk. When Telus and I zoom down that sidewalk, Telus guiding me around the poles at speed, I feel like I’m flying. I am eagerly looking forward to all the future holds with Telus now by my side. Thank you so much to his sponsors, puppy raisers, borders, Nick (his trainer), and everyone else at BC and Alberta Guide Dogs that had a hand in his raising and training.

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