New Year’s resolution

New Year’s resolution

New Year’s resolution

Make a difference this year by sponsoring a puppy that will be trained as a guide dog or a support dog.

B.C. and Alberta Guide Dogs professionally trains Guide Dogs for individuals who are visually impaired and autism support dogs for children with moderate to profound autism. Each life-changing dog requires two years of training and can cost more than $35,000 to raise and train. Because we provide our Guide Dogs and autism Support Dogs free to needy recipients, we rely of the generosity of sponsors like you to carry out our mission.

Give Monthly

A monthly gift is easy, affordable, rewarding and effective! Sponsor a life-changing puppy today and your support will automatically continue each year. Once your dog ‘graduates’ as a Guide Dog or Autism Support Dog you will be matched with a new puppy in training.

Reasons to join the Monthly Giving Program:

– It’s easy and convenient – sign up through our online donor site once, choose how much you want to give and it will be automatically processed every month.

– It’s affordable – You can sponsor a puppy starting at $15/month.  If you start this January, your annual monthly donation will add up to $180 towards your 2017 charitable donation amount.

– It’s rewarding – you will receive photos and letters from your pup throughout the year and you will also be invited to an exclusive puppy party.

– It’s effective – your monthly donation is a stable source of funding that directly helps visually-impaired individuals and children with autism and their families.

Starting your monthly gift today will make a profound difference for years to come! 

Donate Now

More Information

For more information on the Puppy Sponsorship monthly giving program, please contact our Puppy Sponsorship Manager, by phone at 1-877-940-4504 or by email puppysponsorship@bcguidedog.com.