A Night at Bard on the Beach

On June 30th, 5 of our dogs and their puppy raisers made a special appearance at Bard on the Beach for a unique cross-promotional event. This collaboration was an excellent socialization opportunity for our dogs while highlighting Bard on the Beach’s commitment to supporting accessibility within our community.

For our dogs in training, encountering a variety of environments and situations is essential. The unique setting of a live theatre performance offers sensory experiences that our dogs might not have encountered otherwise. The sounds of music, voices, visual effects, and the audience’s reactions, all contribute to a rich learning environment that are crucial in helping them develop the composure and confidence they need as future Guide or Service Dogs.

As the dogs and the puppy raisers enjoy the performance of Twelfth Night, they will not only be entertained by Shakespeare’s timeless comedy but will also gain valuable exposure to a lively environment.

We are incredibly grateful to Bard on the Beach for their generous support and partnership in this event. Their commitment to accessibility and inclusion is commendable and aligns greatly with our mission at BC & Alberta Guide Dogs.

If you are inspired by our work and are interested in supporting BC & Alberta Guide Dogs, consider becoming a volunteer puppy raiser!