Donate A Car Canada

Donate A Car Canada

Donate_a_carThese days, there are many different ways people can support the charity of their choice.  The team at BC & Alberta Guide Dogs is always working hard to find new ways and new partnerships to encourage donations.


Sometimes, though, it is worth a little time and effort to simply remind everyone of an existing partnership that makes it very easy and hassle-free to donate in a unique way.


It involves donating a vehicle with the help of our partner, Donate a Car Canada.


We have worked with Donate a Car Canada since 2006.  Over the years, almost 100 cars have been donated for fundraising of approximately $23,000.


Donors across Canada can donate their no-longer-loved vehicles through this program and direct the proceeds to us. This is done easily on-line or with a simple phone call. The vehicle is towed away free of charge, and the donor receives a tax-deductible receipt, and the money from the sale of the vehicle is donated in support of Guide Dogs and Autism Support Dogs.


We need you!  Please help spread the word and remind everyone of this opportunity. It’s just one way anyone with an old and unwanted car can help.  So tell your family, friends and co-workers, or donate your own old jalopy today!