Tribute Giving

A tribute gift is a wonderful way to honour or remember the special people or pets in your life or to celebrate a special event such as a birthday or a wedding.

In Memory

Donations made in memory of a loved one are a wonderful way to recognize the recent passing of someone special, be they a parent, spouse, child, friend, relative or family pet. We will send a customized letter of acknowledgment to the next of kin.

In Honour

Recognize or thank someone special. You or a group can make a gift in honour of someone. Notification will be sent to the person being honoured notifying them of your thoughtful gift.

In Celebration

Many people choose to forgo birthday or wedding gifts in exchange for donations to their favourite charity. Asking friends and family for donations to BC & Alberta Guide Dogs in lieu of a birthday or wedding gift is a thoughtful way to celebrate a special event.


To learn how to give a Tribute Gift in BC, please contact Kim at 604-940-4504 or and in Alberta, please contact Nicole at 403-258-0819 or