Puppy Sponsorship FAQ

1. Is my puppy guaranteed to become a Guide Dog or Autism Support Dog?
Like humans, each dog has its own personality and talents, and not all dogs are suited for a career as a service animal. The safety and health of our dogs and clients is always our top priority. Both Guide Dogs and Autism Support Dogs must meet testing standards set out by International Guide Dog Federation and Assistance Dogs International respectively. We find suitable homes for dogs that do not qualify. If your puppy becomes a non-qualifier, we will transfer your sponsorship to another dog, often of a similar age (sometimes, it is a brother or sister of your puppy).

2. Can I choose to co-sponsor a future Guide Dog only? An Autism Support Dog only? 
All of our puppies learn the same basic obedience skills, and it is only once they enter advanced training at about 15 months that we get a true sense of the best career for each dog. For that reason, it is impossible for us to tell if your puppy will become a Guide Dog or Autism Support Dog. Although we realize that one of the programs might be particularly close to your heart, we hope you will understand that your sponsorship will make a positive, life-changing difference either way. We encourage you to read some of the testimonials from our guide dog users and from families who have an Autism Support Dog.

3.  Can I visit my puppy?
All of our puppies are raised by volunteers, and because this is already a 24/7 responsibility, we do not ask volunteers to make special appearances out of respect for their time. For privacy reasons, we cannot arrange for visits to the volunteers’ homes. However, many of our puppy raisers voluntarily attend our special events with their dogs, so you may have a chance to see your puppy or, at least, some of our other dogs-in-training. Check ourEvents page or Facebook page for information on upcoming appearances!

4. Can I name a puppy?
For donors who contribute $5000 or more, we extend the special privilege of naming a puppy.

5. If I give a sponsorship as a gift, what will the gift recipient receive? 
We will send your designated recipient a letter (customized for the gift occasion), explaining the details of your gift. The Canadian income tax receipt will be sent to you, the gift giver.

6. In which community will my dog be placed after graduation?
Currently, we match dogs with adults and children throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Although we understand that donors may prefer to sponsor a dog that is placed in their own community, our first priority is to match a client with the most suitable canine, regardless of geographic location.

7. Can my company/foundation/school co-sponsor a puppy?
Of course! We welcome individuals and groups alike to sponsor a puppy.

8. Can I stop my monthly sponsorship at any time?
Yes, you may terminate your sponsorship at any time with 15 days notice. Please call us at 1-877-940-4504 to discontinue your monthly sponsorship.