SUCCESS STORY: Angell & Guide Dog Tipper

SUCCESS STORY: Angell & Guide Dog Tipper


Team Sponsor: Nemetz Foundation

Angell sitting next to Guide Dog TipperMy name is Angell and I recently just qualified with my third guide dog Tipper. I received my first dog Kobe, when I was 16 years old, and we had a long and happy partnership. He accompanied me through my high school and university graduations and travelled with me all over the world! In February of 2017, he retired and I received my second guide, Macy, which you may remember me writing about not so long ago. 

Unfortunately, earlier this year, she developed bone cancer and I sadly had to let her go this past July. This unexpected loss took a big toll on myself as well as my family. We still miss Macy terribly, but when I got the call about a new guide, I knew I was ready to get back into a canine partnership once more. 

Tipper has been a wonderful companion since the first day. He is always ready to work, eager to learn a new route, or to locate anything when he is asked to do so. He likes to play with all his toys and fetch balls, and especially loves his stuffed tiger that he sleeps with! 

We’ve been for some nice walks together, but I am definitely a LOT faster at getting around with Tipper, as he is quite the speedy dog. I was certainly a lot slower when I had to use my cane for the months without a guide. 

I would like to thank Bill and Linda Thornton for running this amazing organization, Nick and Erika for all of their training expertise and countless hours of hard work, as well as the puppy raisers, boarders and any other people involved in Tipper’s upbringing.