SUCCESS STORY: Jashandeep & Guide Dog Pebbles

SUCCESS STORY: Jashandeep & Guide Dog Pebbles


Team Sponsor: John Hardie Mitchell family foundation

Jashandeep sits alongside his Guide Dog Pebbles

About four months ago, three of BC and Alberta Guide Dogs’ best trainers came to my home and we began three weeks of vigorous training. This involved going to places such as the mall, grocery stores and bus stops in and around my neighbourhood. I will admit, there was a bit of trepidation on my part at the start but, as the weeks went on, I found that I gained a great deal of confidence in what I was doing. 

Before Pebbles came into my life, going out on my own was a challenge. But now, I don’t have any doubts at all. Pebbles has essentially become my safe guard. Obstacles and areas with low lightning are no longer an issue and I trust Pebbles to safely get me through any area we come upon. 

She is very calm whether she’s working or not. She is content to sleep the day away but I try and keep her as active as I can. While working, she is attentive and hardly ever loses focus. When it’s time to go out and play in the backyard, she will sprint around like she owns the place – which, at this point, she does. 

When we are out, Pebbles draws a great deal of attention (it’s her eyes that draw people in). In fact, my friends and I have made up a sort of game out of the whole thing. We count how many people come up and ask to pet her – the record at the moment is 19. She has everybody falling in love with her – even my Mom, who was hesitant to even come near her at first, has been caught under her spell. They are the best of friends now. 

This has been a life changing experience for me and I am very thankful to have Pebbles in my life. I have gained a wonderful pet and Guide Dog. But more importantly, a great friend.