SUCCESS STORY: Kye & Autism Support Dog Corky

SUCCESS STORY: Kye & Autism Support Dog Corky


Team Sponsor: Loyal Protestant Association

Kye with Autism Service Dog CorkyWe knew from an early age that our son Kye was going to give us a run; little did we know that the running would be literal. He was diagnosed at 16 months with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and today at almost 11 years old, he is still very limited verbally. He is unaware of dangerous situations and is considered a ‘bolter’. If he sees something that interests him, he runs towards it – leaving our family in a state of high alert at all times. We avoided many events, time together with friends, and community outings because of this. 

We registered Kye with BC & Alberta Guide Dogs and waited an agonizing 5+ years to be placed with a beautiful BIG Lab named Corky. If we had a million dollars, we would give it to this amazing organization so they could hire as many trainers as they needed to shorten wait times! 

The bond between Kye and Corky has been gradual and slow, but profound to watch. Each day the two demonstrate a little more non-verbal connection and build a foundation more solid than any we could have hoped for. We are able to go out without fear of Kye running into traffic or running ahead so far we can’t catch up. This is a pleasure not many people will understand. 

Michelle, Corky’s trainer (and the hero that trained us), saw the potential match between Kye and Corky from the start. She helped us see that they would be able to take on the world together. She will always be forever in our hearts. 

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to Corky’s puppy raisers and to his boarder family. Their love helped shape Corky into the loving, humble, pushy pink-nosed boy he is today. Also, to BC & Alberta Guide Dogs – we applaud the time, energy and love you provide to the families, the clients, and the gorgeous intelligent dogs you put out to make the lives of others more complete.