SUCCESS STORY: Tamara & Guide Dog Diesel

SUCCESS STORY: Tamara & Guide Dog Diesel

It should be said that Magnus, who was my first guide dog from BC & Alberta Guide Dogs was the best dog and friend a person could hope for. He provided me with eight years of faithful service and true companionship. He accompanied me all over the world without complaint or incident. His gentle spirit is sadly missed, and I know that Diesel will now fill Magnus’s empty paw prints faithfully.

Initially I was apprehensive that I would be able to love a new dog as much as my first, especially when Diesel arrived only a few weeks after Magnus’s passing. Now, at the end of training, I have no worries. Diesel’s happy-go-lucky (and sometimes goofy) attitude would make anyone fall in love with him instantly. His love is boundless and infectious. He frequently curls up in my lap and takes naps and follows me everywhere around the house, on my heel even if I move only a few feet. A few people have jokingly referred to him as my four-legged shadow.

Nick and Rebecca are wonderful trainers. I must congratulate Rebecca on a job well done turning Diesel into a smart and vivacious guide. Their banter and joking was one of the very few things that kept me sane on so little sleep.

I am extremely grateful to the dozens of people at BC & Alberta Guide Dogs who helped raise Diesel into the incredible dog he is today. Many thanks to Diesel’s generous sponsors. I would like to take pause and give a special thanks to Diesel’s puppy raisers Rob and Patty and his boarder Deb without whose many hours of patience and love would not have allowed him to become the guide and friend he is to me today. – Tamara