Boarding Home FAQs

Do I have to live in South Delta?

No! Dog Boarders can also live in Edmonton and Qualicum Beach. Contact us for more details.

What age are the dogs?

The dogs are generally between 18 and 22 months old when they come into advanced training and need a boarding home. Prior to this they have been living with a volunteer Puppy Trainer.

Do I need dog experience?

No, but having prior experience with dogs is preferred. You must be strong enough to control a large, energetic dog. If you have no prior dog experience you may be asked to attend some puppy obedience classes to gain some extra experience prior to getting a boarding dog.

Can I have another pet?

Yes. You can have other pets. You are limited to having only one other dog, who must be relatively well behaved and show no aggression towards other dogs. Any dogs or cats you have must be on preventative flea and tick medication. If you have a dog, one person is not allowed to walk both your pet dog and the boarding dog in training at the same time.

Do I get trained?

Yes. Our staff will explain all of our rules and regulations to you prior to getting a dog. Upon receiving a dog you will get further instruction from staff. Then each day at pick up and drop off times you have a chance for a quick chat with your dog’s trainer. You dog’s trainer is happy to schedule longer times to chat or troubleshoot with you as well.

Do you provide food and vet care?

Yes. We provide food, vet care, monthly flea and tick medication, and general dog supplies (a bowl, leash, brush, etc.). We also provide a note on letterhead to waive the Delta licensing fee. The only cost to boarders is if you want to buy the dog a bed and/or toys.

When is the dog picked up and dropped off?

The dog is generally picked up between 9:00-10:00 am and then dropped off around 3:30-4:15. We do require that a house key and/or alarm code is given to our trainers so they can pick up or drop off if you are not home. For Boarders located in Qualicum Beach and Edmonton, this schedule may be different – please contact us directly for more information.

What if the dog doesn’t go training for a day?

Occasionally our trainers cannot take the dog out training. They try to prevent this if at all possible, and it is rare, but if it happens you must be able to have the dog with you at home or your work for the day. The dog cannot be left home alone while you are at work.

Can I leave the dog at home alone? 

Yes, but with restrictions. Our dogs are used to being with people constantly. We do not allow the dog to be home alone longer than 3-4 hours, and this should be infrequent. Leaving the dog alone outside in a fenced yard is not permissible. Because we may need to pick up or drop off a dog when you are not home we do require a house key and/or alarm code to be given to our staff.

Is the dog house trained?

Yes. The dogs are fully house trained prior to coming to a boarding home.

What if I want to go away on vacation?

We will find home for the dog while you’re away with another trained family in the area. We ask that you do not go away more than about three weeks total during the 5-6 month time period you will have the dog.

Can the dog sleep in my bed?

No. Our dogs are not allowed on any furniture at any times. We do ask that the dog sleeps in its own dog bed in your room.

Can my child walk the dog?

As a safety precaution, we do not allow children to walk our dogs by themselves. They are allowed to walk with you when your walk the dog.