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Capital Campaign

The Breeding & Training Centre of Excellence

To ensure a reliable stream of professionally trained Guide & Service Dogs

BC & Alberta Guide Dogs was initially founded to serve individuals who are blind or have low vision. Recognizing the strength of our breeding and puppy-raising program, we determined that our dogs could perform other vital roles. We then expanded our mandate to support the growing need for children with Autism and later Veterans and First Responders with an Operational Stress Injury, such as PTSD.

We receive phone calls daily from individuals seeking a Guide or Service Dog. With current wait lists of three years, the demand for professionally trained dogs continues to grow. We must now expand our resources and programs to reduce wait times and increase the availability of Guide and Service Dogs.

Enables Inclusion, Access, & Mobility

Our new state-of-the-art Breeding & Training Centre—a first in Western Canada—will immediately increase the availability of Guide and Service Dogs across British Columbia & Alberta. Within the next five years, our Centre of Excellence will allow us to double the number of individuals we serve.

Capital Campaign

Ways You Can Help.

Please join us on this exciting journey to enhance the lives of those in need!

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Gift Opportunities

We extend our deepest gratitude to all our donors, whose unwavering support fuels our mission and empowers us to make a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve. Your generosity serves as the cornerstone of our organization, driving transformative change in the lives of those in need. With your contributions, we’re able to amplify our impact, reaching further and touching the lives of many more.

Thank you for standing alongside us as partners in progress as we continue to strive for a community where independence is empowered.

For larger gifts and special arrangements, please contact William Thornton directly at 778-839-0080. Thank you for your support!